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Fleet Cost Control


Are you struggling to control fuel expenses and manage the fuel purchasing process more effectively?

Now you can do both with the Verizon Networkfleet WEX Fuel Card Program. By combining one of the most widely used fuel cards with our intuitive online data management system, Networkfleet makes it easy to manage all your fleet fuel expenses in one convenient and flexible program.

HOW IT WORKS Every vehicle in your fleet is assigned a card, and each driver receives a unique identification number from WEX. Drivers must present both every time they make a fuel purchase. Drivers must also provide the current odometer reading of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

Required Driver ID and odometer prompts allow for Level III data capture at the pump. Enhanced line item detail helps fleet managers identify who, when, where, and what type of purchases are made. This data is collected daily and posted to the Networkfleet website at mid-night each night. Fleet managers can log on to the secure site to monitor alerts, review fuel purchase reports, and manage the entire fuel purchasing process.

SAFE, SECURE FUEL PURCHASES The program offers a number of safety and security features to help prevent unauthorized fuel purchases.

ROBUST REPORTING FEATURES The program offers downloadable reports to help manage fuel purchases.

In addition, Networkfleet’s regular Fuel Economy and Usage Report allows you to compare fleet fuel efficiency by monitoring individual vehicle fuel usage and miles driven for a specific time period. Gallons consumed can be reconciled with the Fuel Card Transactions Report. All reports can be viewed, printed and saved.

THE ULTIMATE IN CONVENIENCE With Networkfleet, you can monitor all your Voyager® fuel expenses. You can access the data in your office or remotely, using a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. And our friendly, professional customer care representatives are available to answer your questions and help resolve problems.To learn more about using your Voyager® card with Verizon Networkfleet, contact your account manager or visit

Fleet Sofware

Easy-to-Use, Web-Based Fleet Software

The web-based fleet software vehicle dashboard provides a summary view of vehicle location, engine diagnostics and more. One click of a button gives instant access to detailed vehicle information that helps to reduce operational costs, enhance customer service, and improve the performance and safety of every vehicle in your fleet.

Fleet Management Made Easy

The Vehicle Dashboard provides detailed information in three important areas to help you make smart fleet management decisions.

Vehicle Snapshot

Lets you know at a glance where the vehicle is and what it’s doing so you can track driver behavior and vehicle performance as it moves through the day.


Use the web-based fleet software data to analyze the operational effectiveness of each vehicle and make adjustments to improve fuel efficiency, reduce expenses, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Vehicle Alerts

Indicates current diagnostic trouble codes, scheduled maintenance, or recalls for the vehicle. Identify small engine problems as they occur to prevent larger, costlier repairs. Minimize vehicle downtime and save on repair costs by keeping up with proactive maintenance schedules.

Verizon Networkfleet

Verizon Networkfleet is an easy to use online application with reporting and data management tools. Please view our video below to learn more.

Keep your finger on the pulse of everything that happens with your fleet – every vehicle, all the time.

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Mobile Compliance Solutions


Mobile compliance solutions that save time and help you keep your fleet compliant.

Managing fleet operations and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance regulations can put a lot of demands on today’s fleet managers, especially those in the regional and long-haul transportation markets. Thanks to Verizon Networkfleet and J.J. Keller & Associates, a leading provider of transportation compliance services, you can efficiently manage these critical areas.

Combining J.J. Keller’s Encompass® compliance system with Verizon Networkfleet’s patented telematics platform provides a GPS fleet management solution that delivers complete performance and compliance management. You get all the operational benefits of Networkfleet’s GPS tracking, plus faster, more efficient driver and vehicle compliance. With the added benefits of Encompass® technology, you can:

Streamline fleet management and compliance with the Networkfleet and J.J. Keller® solution.

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J. J. Keller® ELogs are simple,
flexible & affordable!



J.J. Keller’s electronic compliance functionality is embedded in Verizon Networkfleet’s hardware, providing a versatile online tool for managing driver and vehicle compliance and performance. That data is then transferred via Bluetooth® technology to the J.J. Keller Mobile® app loaded on a driver’s tablet or smartphone. Using the app, which is compatible with more than 80 Android™ devices, drivers can manage E-Logs and E-DVIRs on their mobile devices to help them stay compliant at all times. And, with the Encompass® back office online dashboard, fleet managers can track, view, report, and analyze compliance and performance levels in near real-time.


The Encompass® system provides a variety of tools to manage operations, driver logs and inspections, and regulatory compliance across your entire fleet. This includes:

With the Encompass® system, users can perform quick inspections, monitor Hours of Service compliance with E-Logs, and manage driver time more efficiently. Fleet managers and drivers are both alerted when compliance issues are identified. And with the likelihood of E-Logs becoming mandatory in the near future, the Encompass® system can help establish baseline compliance levels with drivers and vehicles before E-Logs become required.


Designed to support fleets at various stages of compliance needs, Encompass® technology:

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